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Welcome to Dorset Studio School

The Dorset Studio School will open in September 2014, welcoming students to a brand new specialist school designed to equip young people with the skills, knowledge and experience they require to succeed in work.

Dorset Studio School offers this new concept in education, where 13–19 year olds can benefit from a different model of learning that captures and channels potential to the highest levels. Dorset Studio School is an Academy and part of a national network of similar schools supported by the Studio Schools Trust.


Focused on developing the key employability and life skills required by employers

Introducing Studio Schools

Located in Dorchester, in the heart of Dorset, the Studio School will specialise in environment and land-based sciences. It will explore how the land works to deliver educational excellence and opportunity by making the most of our rich natural resources while responding to employer and wider community needs.
This school is ideally suited to young people who are passionate about and committed to developing the skills and qualifications required for careers in land and countryside management, animal conservation and welfare, outdoor activities, agriculture and food & horticulture

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      New Building

      Exciting news!   The digging of the new building has commenced!

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